Market growth history of Boise and Meridian

 Boise Summary




The latest population estimates from the US Census Bureau show significant growth for the Boise area. The new data shows the Boise Metro Area stands as the eight-fastest growing area in the country.

Future phases of the development include several additional buildings, including sites for drive-thru restaurants, a bank, general retail, and office sites. It sits adjacent to the Heron River housing development.

All of these developments are due, partly at least, to the interstate.


Boise, a boomtown by many measures, have felt the strain from the city’s recent success.

You’ll find multiple locations for Orangetheory Fitness and Pure Barre, for example, along with many options for workouts like CrossFit and even Ninja Warrior training. After all, “Cowboy Ninja” Lance Pekus is from Idaho and has been known to make appearances at local fitness events!

As for the city's other goal--broadening access to capital--in 2014, Boise-based startups closed eight venture capital deals totaling $18.4 million, according to PitchBook, a data and research company.

The two possible developments are evidence that even as Boise attempts to turn away from 75 years of sprawl, it cannot stop developers from targeting neighboring jurisdictions that are eager for the extra tax dollars growth will bring — but perhaps naive about the long-term costs that have bedeviled Boise, Meridian and other cities.


A new forecasting model developed by an Idaho Department of Labor regional economist with a math background suggests Idaho’s population will grow at three times the national rate between now and 2025 – and nearly all the new residents will be retirees moving to the state.


Idaho tops nation in job growth for 2016

Construction had been the fastest growing industry in Idaho, but it was surpassed by hospitality and leisure


In real estate here in the Boise area, 2015 brought about many great things for both buyers and sellers. There were some stunning Boise luxury homes that quietly made their way off the open market and into the arms of new homeowners who are sure to enjoy some of the best pieces of real estate the Boise area has to offer.

Meridian Summary




Downtown Meridian already has an urban renewal district, but it’s seen minimal private investment since it was established in 2002.

In Meridian, Planning Division Manager Caleb Hood says service continues mostly as normal. In that city, city hall remains open, though leaders encourage online or phone options where possible.


Meridian was ranked the seventh-fastest growing city in the country, with a total score of 73.76 out of 100 possible points. The only places ranked higher were Lehigh Acres, Florida; Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; Bend, Oregon; Enterprise, Nevada; Frisco, Texas; and Fort Myers, Florida. Nampa earned the No. 46 spot in the overall rankings, with 60.29 points, while Boise trailed far behind at No. 174 with 49.78 points.

Meridian’s comprehensive plan hasn’t seen a major update since 2011, when the city had about three-quarters of its current population. The updated plan attempts to respond to that growth and Meridian’s transition to a more urban environment by including more high-density and mixed-use residential zoning plus more industrial zoning, and eliminating a rural/estate zoning designation.

Members of the city council and Meridian Development Corporation voted to strike “in lieu of the charter school” from the contingency, reasoning that a charter school could generate revenue for the urban renewal project.


Meridian was ranked the 10th fastest growing city in the nation at 4.7 percent growth in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population estimates released Thursday. That’s up from 13th in 2016, according to a release.

Over the years, as Meridian grew, developers interested in Flower’s 95 acres of land came calling.

Meridian's housing boom continues. The city issued almost 1,000 more residential permits in fiscal year 2018 than it did in all of fiscal year 2017.


Meridian doesn’t have a homeless shelter. Residents who become homeless are likely to double up with another family or turn to Boise for shelter and services.

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