5 Talents Podcast - $200M in Construction Projects; How to Get Started with Real Estate Syndication


Real estate runs in Shannon Robnett’s blood. He belongs in a family involved in real estate--5 generations now--and continues to pay it forward in the last 40 years, focusing on the multifamily and industrial spaces as a developer. 

His decade’s worth of experience in real estate led him to participate in over $200 million in construction projects including fire and police stations, schools, and industrial and mini storages. He didn’t do all this by himself, and that’s what he’s going to talk about today. 

Let's listen to Shannon to know how to get started in real estate syndication! 

[00:01 - 06:14] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know Shannon Robnett
    • 5 generations in the real estate 
  • College is an option, not a be-all, and end-all
[06:15 - 17:06] The Ultimate Value-Add 
  • We talk about the “ultimate value-add” in real estate 
  • What you should do if you want to bring a value-add
  • Shannon wants you to remember this real estate advice 
[17:07 - 30:23] A Community of Multifamily Syndicators 
  • Shannon talks about his approach in real estate 
  • He gives interesting insights about real estate partnerships 
    • Don’t focus on everything
  • Shannon’s tips to start investing in real estate 
[30:24 - 40:44] Success in Real Estate
  • The belief that you can succeed in real estate
  • Connect with Shannon! Links below
  • Shannon shares 2 books you should read!
[40:45 - 44:35] Closing Segment
  • Final words from Shanon and me


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